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Kingwood Top Kick Karate is prepared to help you learn the ancient arts of self-defense and self-discipline, for any person at any age.

Tae Kwon Do training

You need to learn a style that has some kick to it. Tae Kwon Do will give you the skills you need.

Learn ancient weaponry

Varied Karate styles

Chinese Wushu training

Chinese Wushu, or "war arts" are both beautiful and powerful. Add a little Kung Fu to your regimen.

Shotokan and Okinawan Karate are available, covering both soft and hard styles of Karate.

Have you ever wanted to learn to use a sword? How about a staff or throwing stars? Now is the time.

We'll show you how


Tae Kwon Do training Chinese Wushu training Varied Karate styles Learn ancient weaponry